Our products are delivered in compliance with the general sales and delivery conditions listed below. Any exception to these conditions must be accepted in writing by BROFER srl. Clear errors of calculation or typing errors will not be considered binding. The general sales and delivery conditions are subject to Italian law. The descriptions and details given in our catalogues and price lists do not commit the company. Prices and models may be modified without prior notice. The conditions or warranties declared by our agents must be confirmed by letter from our headquarters signed by the commercial director in order to be valid.

1. Orders
The delivery terms are purely indicative and not obligatory.

2. Cancellation or modification of orders
The cancellation or modification of an order is conditional to written authorisation from BROFER srl. Any costs incurred as a result of order cancellations will be invoiced to the client.

3. Prices
Prices expressed are not binding and may be modified at any moment. Forwarding costs are expressed ex works.

4. Terms of payment
The terms of payment confirmed must be observed even in the case of delayed delivery. Deductions or delays in payment on account of complaints, credit notes yet to be issued or claims not acknowledged by BROFER srl, will not be accepted. Payments must be made even if the delivery should not include the accessories, where such does not prejudice the use of the material or even where such material should require intervention of an inconsequential nature. Delayed payment will result in bank charges and arrears interest being charged at a rate of the official discount rate plus four points as well as the immediate suspension of any shipments in progress.

5. Shipments
The goods are shipped at the risk and responsibility of the recipient who upon receipt of the goods, must check, in the presence of the forwarder, that the packaging is intact, that there is no damage and that no goods are missing or have been substituted. Any damage or loss must be immediately notified to the forwarder after signing the bill with reserve and confirming such reserve by means of letter sent by registered post within three days of receipt of the goods. Failure to observe this clause will release the forwarding company from its responsibility. Shipments may be insured at the request of the client, with the relative costs being charged to the same.

6. Complaints
Complaints regarding the goods or apparent defects will only be considered if notified within ten days of receipt on condition that such goods have not been altered by third parties. Complaints should be addressed to BROFER srl.

7. Packaging
The packaging used will that deemed most appropriate by BROFER srl. It is generally included in the sales price of the product and not recovered. Special, invoiced packaging is not recovered.

8. Delivery terms
The delivery date is shown on the order confirmation. It indicates the day of shipment for the fixed term orders; and the day from which the goods are ready for shipment for the orders “on request”. BROFER srl promises to respect the delivery date but cannot give absolute guarantees in this regard. THE CUSTOMER will not be entitled to compensation or refund for failure to comply with the delivery deadline. If BROFER cannot fulfill the delivery obligation, for reasons of force majeure (such as, by way of example and not limited to, strikes, riots, wars, epidemics and pandemics, natural disasters, Orders of Authority, etc.), the obligation of delivery of BROFER will remain suspended for the entire duration of the case, without THE CUSTOMER being able to terminate or cancel the contract.

9. Returned goods
No returned goods will be accepted without our permission.

10. Functioning data and measurements
The functioning data and measurements are indicative, BROFER srl reserves the right to change such without prior notice. Moreover, BROFER srl cannot guarantee the production of goods conforming exactly to the samples shown.

11. Warranties
BROFER srl guarantees newly manufactured products for a period of one year from the delivery date. An essential condition of such warranty is that the defects found are immediately notified in writing to BROFER srl during the warranty period, after determining the causes. Defective products become our property and must be forwarded ex our headquarters. Our guarantees do not extend to breakages which occur as a result of abnormal strain, insufficient care, irregular handling and modifications. Any repairs performed by third parties without our written authorisation exonerate BROFER srl from any claim deriving from the warranty obligation as above and from any compensation for assembly or dismantling costs or resulting from other malfunctioning. Our products are guaranteed with the following reservations: The warranty is limited to the substitution or repair of the products defective at origin. Any defective material must be consigned to and, once repaired, picked up from BROFER srl.

12. Acceptance
The general sales conditions are understood as acknowledged and accepted by effect of the transmission of purchase orders from the client to BROFER srl and may be modified by BROFER srl by mere written communication.

13. Competent court
The competent court and place of execution in all cases is Padua. BROFER srl reserves the right to designate another Court.

NOTE: BROFER srl notifies its clients that prices expressed in Euro may undergo slight variations due to rounding to the nearest decimal. All prices indicated are exclusive of VAT.

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